Real Estate 3.0 Hot Topic in Indonesia

Being a giant fan of Jokowi, I don’t think its nostalgia that is making it a popular show. Its one of the best written shows on tv today. Nostalgia might have helped with some initial interest, but the current show is so different from that of the 70s that its apples to oranges in many ways.

The rest of the post was spot-on.

As a Gen X realtor (born in ‘69), I agree completely with your views. But you’re missing the positive side. Yes, Gen Xers are tech-savvy, and yes, Gen Xers have high expectations. But if you meet those expectations – deliver what you promise, communicate well, provide valuable service, Gen Xers will tell a lot of people about that, too.


As you’ve mentioned, they’ve become “the de facto tech counsels for others in their lives”. I think many of them have become trusted evaluators of services and information as well. When they love you, their friends and family will know about it.

As a Gen-Xer (‘81), I completely agree with your description of the new real estate customer. My peers and I approach real estate (and all large purchases) with a different mentality: we begin all research online and rarely trust advertising tag-lines…you’ll instead find us on discussion boards and sifting through user reviews.

But the most interesting shift of thought has been in regards to real estate decisions in Indonesia big cities such as: Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Semarang, Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerang. A Gen-Xer does not buy a home as an end in itself. They see it as a smart investment vehicle. So, unlike our parents, we spend hours buried in spreadsheets of market data before we even contact an agent.

You have started to peel back some of the issues faced by those in real estate, especially when it comes to marketing. It will be interesting to see which agents and brokers catch up and even get ahead of the curve. As innovative as many profess to be, there are many real estate professionals that don’t seem too motivated to change the status quo.

Mr. Robert is another Gen X Realtor here. It amazes me when we work with a Realtor on the other side of the transaction that can’t open PDF files or as recently heard at a convention, “I’m getting pretty good at this Outlook thing but I still can’t do attachments.” Good grief. Scary thing is that it happens more often than you’d think. These Realtors probably don’t have to evolve to earn a living. They sell a few high dollar homes a year to past clients. No marketing involved in gaining the client.

We (my wife and I work together) have the ability to complete a real estate transaction without handing the client a single piece of paper or pen. Its never actually happened but we could easily do it with our tablet PCs. Our incoming faxes become emails and our emails go to our phones. We are rarely out of communication unless we want to be. We conducted one of our most recent transaction mostly via text message.

That client has also become a good referral source and now we are using their services (architecture) for our needs.

I too am a gen “X” er (1966). I agree with just about everything you said. I loved Battlestar Galactica when I was a kid, Tour of Duty after that.

As an X-er and an active real estate broker, I am all about marketing on the Internet. Print advertisement is almost a waste unless you have an established farm area. Other than that, I say don’t bother. I can’t remember the last time I used a phone book. When my kids ask me a question that I think warrants further research on their part, I tell them to Google it and find rumah dijual or go directly to Remember the old encyclopedia’s?

A consumer has access to a wealth of information on the Internet. I would say much more so than one agent could ever provide.
Agents will never be replaced in my opinion, as they bring the human element and experience to the table. In the efforts to increase agents Internet skills, I am including my most recent article on the subject.