Buy a new home, Lady Gaga Spend Rp 288 Billion

Career Lady Gaga in the music world has no doubt. With the quality of his voice and his cool no wonder he became one of the most successful singers in the world.

Seeing his success, it’s no wonder if the singer is known for its unique style and nyentriknya has a wealth of assets is so large. This time, Gaga ever reported to the middle of buying a super luxury residences in the area of Malibu, California.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the woman dubbed the Mother of monsters it spend the money of US $ 24 million or equivalent to Rp 288 billion. Want to know what kind of appearance of luxury residences on this one?

Luxury homes that Lady Gaga recently purchased

With a layout that is located in the coastal area, it’s no wonder if Gaga’s new home is equipped with a panorama of nature that was so wonderful. Not only that, many facilities in it will also spoil Gaga.

How does? With five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, lift, swimming pool, fitness, places bar, secret doors, and so on, the House presents a sense of comfort that is so soothing.

It is the home of First Lady Gaga is located in California. Formerly, this House belongs to high official Warner Bros. called And Romanelli. While enjoying the facilities in it, Gaga also be rolling out a feast on the inside.

Buy This House, Get A Luxury Jaguar, Free!

The company’s developers real estate Surface offers new residential property Developments, Melrose Avenue, glamorous and sophisticated.

But the House that offered an unusual Surface. If home buying gifts usually just a gadget-art and household appliances, unmitigated, the developer company dares to offer prizes for free car Jaguar F-Type for every purchase of a home in Ottawa, Canada.

According to Business Insider, Surface Developments incorporated the Jaguar F-Type in purchase deal home in Melrose that car even though it is very expensive.

3623 acre residential property square feet was designed with a simple concept but it shows a certain amount of luxury. Jaguar F-Type car is judged suitable for parking in its courtyard.

However, the developers of the company do not include the price of the House with that car at the official site. If interested, you can directly ask the price and prepare to be surprised.

But if you keep drawn to hook the car at once luxurious residences, you should act quickly. Because the free offer of F-Type with the purchase of this home have time limits (although not described details).

Well, when you want to celebrate the purchase of the House, you can buy the most expensive vodka in the world. For the purchase of the car also came with a vodka SUV free and make sure you park behind the House along with jaguar